The Flying Bishop to Fly Again.

Flying bishop, Bishop Luciano Capelli sdb is now flying again, after an Italian volunteer, Captain Henrico installed parts of the plane that were not functioning.

Flying Bishop

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Rally Reminds Mothers to be Close to the Church.

About 60 women from the St. Joseph Moli Parish, Sacred Heart of Jesus Wagina Parish and Nusabaruku women of St. Peters Gizo parish successfully ended their 4 days program at Wagina parish.

womens 2022Rally1

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Missionaries’ Visitation Calls On.

Missionaries visiting Moli, Taro, and Nila parishes have shown that the call was for all parishes to continue to have responsibility for the Church of God here in our diocese.


Their visitation revealed the bishop’s emphasis on having more priests and Religious for our diocese. Though the church has struggled to shape up more seminarians and outcomes we have few, but their presence has shown the bishop’s love for our church to fill up those gaps to build the Body of Christ.




These are the Sisters of the Servants of the Lord and the Vision of Matara, Sr. Roucia SSUM, Sr. Sponsa SSUM, Sr. Alborada SSUM, and Fr. Ruel from the Word Incarnate.

They were welcomed by the Students, Staff, and parishioners from our three parishes last month. They traveled on the boat MV Galilee from the 1st to the 9th of October.

They are now currently living and serving at the Sacred Heart of Jesus parish in Wagina.

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A Pagan Receives First Holy Communion.

Edward Bakabio came from Qolaiato'o Village, Easter Kwaio, Malaita Province.

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30 Confirmation Candidates, Wagina.

30 candidates for confirmation have received their confirmation at Wagina during the visitation of Bishop Luciano Capelli sdb on 26 June.

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Witnessed by the parishioners more have congratulated the children for accepting the Holy Spirit and being part of the member of the church; reminding them of the ability to practice their Catholic faith in every aspect of their lives and to witness Christ in every situation.

Bishop’s visitation also highlights his visit to the islands where he celebrated Mass, met people, and witness the community’s livelihood.

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Climate Change could be worse than Tsunami

Nusabaruku Maniaba
Climate change could be worse than the 2007 tsunami said concerned mothers from Nusabaruku.           

There are high tides coming at the end of every year, which we taught is normal and safe at low land, but now high tides are unusual for us, said the mothers.

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St. Michael’s C.C Church Building Opening, Koliai

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A story of commitment and dedication by community members. St. Michael’s Catholic Church, Koliai, Shortland Islands -

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St. Eusebius Noro Celebrate World Day of Disabilities.

Noro Key People with Disabilities
Saint Louis Guanella is alive on Solomon Island.  He says that Holiness will save the world. The charity of Christ urges us in 2 cor 5:14.  It is a joy and a celebration of life with a special day for persons with disabilities.

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