SIARC (Solomon Island Association of Religious Congregations)

Gizo Diocese Chapter met at the newly completed Betania Formation Center (Jah Mountain Gizo) for a day of reflection and sharing on the last letter of Pope Francis on ‘Fratelli tutti’ (we are all brothers).
The first part of the morning was dedicated to better understanding the document and on a group discussion and sharing on the ‘clouds’ affecting us at World and National levels and how we could live the values of Solidary and universal brotherhood in our settings and how we join our resources and plan something good here in our country and in the local Church.

The Eucharistic celebration and renewal of commitment of the various congregation in fidelity to the charism of the Spirit given to each of them.
The afternoon was dedicated to a planning session for the whole group
What was peculiar is the composition of the group: it was composed of 15 members of the following 6 congregations:

2 Dominican priests, one brother and 3 Dominican sisters (From Loga and Gizo)
4 Visitation sisters (Nusabaruku’s social center and school)
2 Salesian (Don Bosco) sisters and one Salesian bishop (from Gizo St Peter Training Center)
2 Servants of charity (from the Noro Parish)

It was indeed revealing to realize that in this group all five continent and six major religious groups in the catholic church were represented: 2 from Europe, one from America, 7 from Oceania, 3 from Asia 2 from Africa

Indeed, the catholic Church in Gizo is breathing the spring wind of the Holy Spirit calling to fraternal solidarity and universal brotherhood.

Bp Luciano Capelli, sdb, Gizo


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Vanga Teacher’s College 17 commencement exercises

8 your ladies and three young men graduated today Nov 6 from VTC. In 17 years of dedication the College has trained more than 200 instructors for our RTCs. They are a gift of the Gizo Catholic Diocese to the Solomon Islands society to support the country in its efforts of Rural development.

The graduation was characterized by a strong sense of Joy and Gratitude to their staff who in spite of the covid pandemic fears have given their best to keep the school going and brought them to this goal in life.
You could sense a deep sense of solidarity and brotherhood, something more than mere happiness that comes from celebrated with sol brew or home brew.

The student representatives spoke of their commitment in response to this sense of gratitude, and are challenged to find a teaching position in an RTC for the year 2021.
When young people are motivated by real values that fulfill their life, they look serene, grateful and committed to be good Christians and Honest citizens.
The Gizo Diocese assures the RTC communities that the motivating force behind these 11 graduates is the Passion for service in God’s Kingdom committed to truth, justice and peace for development.

Their technology of teaching is adequate enough and will grow slowly through the years of experience but is their youthful enthusiasm and motivation which will contribute to nation building much more than their technology.
Attached are some pictures from the graduation ceremony of Nov 6, 2020.


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Saint John Bosco School in the Shortlands has graduated about 70 students in the ninth ceremony in its History.

  • The PRIMARY SCHOOL school was built at the very beginning of the station by the Marist Fathers missionaries from Bouganville and was later run by the Dominican sisters and given back to the government in ’78. It was taken back by the church immediately after the earthquake and tsunami of April 2, 2007

  • The Tuha secondary school was a project of the Famoa Chiefs and it was abandoned at the Earthquake and tsunami disaster. It was then that the Chiefs decided to ask the catholic diocese of Gizo to rebuild it and run it.

  • At the same time the Catholic Church, aware of the very poor standards of education, built and run the St John Bosco senior secondary school and training center immediately after the earth quake and tsunami in 2007.

The students were very sincere in showing their appreciation at the chance of getting a good quality education while the staff lament the very poor quality intake into grade 7 from the surrounding Village schools.

The whole community has been challenged to take the task of education as a priority in their lives as Catholics. The education of the youth is not a gift we give. It is the right of our children to be educated properly and it is a task to support the school struggling to give a quality, competitive program at national level.

It was sad to hear in the principal’s reports that the school has still much to be collected from school fees. Could this be because of the economic issues caused by the Covid? Or could it reflect the lack of responsibility in a good number of parents? It is a fact that the school did not send out the students who failed to pay, on the parents promises… however if these students fail to pay, how fair is it to those who go through lot of pain to pay their dues? This could and should make the parents feel they MUST do much more than they are doing…for their children… at all levels.

The catholic church of the Gizo Diocese is happy to commit all resources to help improve the school, it cannot however do it alone. It needs the support of the ministry to get good quality teachers at Nila and the community to do its duty. United we stand, divided we fall… and our children will be the ones suffering from low standards and lack of competitiveness at national level. We can do it if we wake up to our responsibilities.

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La porta Santa di Gizo

La febbre della misericordia che converte e globalizza i cuori proposta a tutti noi da papa Francesco, quellaFB IMG 1462243401274  che ci impegna nel perdono, nel servizio e nella solidarieta’ e’ salita al massimo livello del termomentro nella diocesi di Gizo nelle isole sperdute del centro sud pacifico. L’isolamento e la lontananza delle parrocchie dal centro diocesano a Gizo rende praticamente impossibile per le popolazioni dei villaggi raggiungere la cattedrale e la porta Santa dell’anno del giubileo. La team pastorale della diocesi pero’ non si e’ data per vinta…proponendo una bella soluzione “ se la popolazione isolata non puo’ raggiungere la porta santa nella cattedrale, sara la porta santa che fara’ il giro delle parrocchie e dei villaggi per raggiungere la gente isolata… FB IMG 1462243422575

E’ Finita oggi la staffetta durata due mesi che ha visto una partecipazione liturgica  mai vista  prima…

Dopo la cerimonia del benvenuto ufficiale alla porta santa da parte dei Guerrieri del Villaggio in ogni villaggio c’e’ stata una liturgia durata tre giorni in ognuna delle 14 stazioni visitate per presentare l’anno del giubileo, svolgere insieme una veglia di preghiera, approfittare del sacramento della Riconciliazione per poi aprire un dialogo di riconciliazione tra persone e gruppi in conflitto tra loro. La vera pace nasce proprio da qui, dalla misericordia sperimentata e vissuta con Dio e passata al proprio prossimo...e’ vero... si puio’ fare...FB IMG 1462243412786

I miei sacerdoti si sono stati sorpresi dalla partecipazione e dalla buona volonta’ sperimentata e vissuta in un vero clima di misericordia

Che bello quando ci si sa perdonare e ricominciare da capo… sbagli e conflitti possono diventare momenti di incontro e di crescita se affrontati con cuore aperto, con fede e con generosita’

Ciao dalle Isole solomons

D luciano, sdb

FB IMG 1462243392274gizo diocese mapholy door travelling around

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