Two of the key priorities for Solomon Islanders have consistently been Education and Health. From the earliest days, the Churches put a lot of effort into these areas and established Schools and Clinics throughout the Provinces. Eventually, the Solomons Government took over many of the schools (but not Kindergartens).

Recently, this has potentially changed yet again so that now, the Government wants Gizo Diocese to take back the running of a number of schools. This presents a formidable challenge, particularly in the provision of resources.

Updating and constantly upgrading personnel and techniques is very important and increasingly the world is focussed upon Information Technology ("IT"). Hence, in collaboration with the Sydney Catholic Education Office, the Diocese of Gizo has set up its 'Education Resource Centre'. The centre - recently completed - is to provide a clean, quiet and airy space for teachers and animators to attend Seminars and Workshops. Part of the plan yet to be realized - is a well equipped computer room with LAN connections designed to allow the teachers and animators to become computer literate and have access to the internet and assorted other IT resources.

The building is complete and in use. Wiring of the LAN facilities and linking to the Diocesan Office via Wireless LAN Link has been accomplished. All that is needed is the donation of a number of computers in order to run training and familiarisation courses.

It is hoped to recoup some of the running costs of the Resource Centre by renting the facility for external training and/or running a part-time "Internet Cafe" when the Centre is not being utilised for its primary purpose.

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