Vanga Teacher’s College 17 commencement exercises

8 your ladies and three young men graduated today Nov 6 from VTC. In 17 years of dedication the College has trained more than 200 instructors for our RTCs. They are a gift of the Gizo Catholic Diocese to the Solomon Islands society to support the country in its efforts of Rural development.


The graduation was characterized by a strong sense of Joy and Gratitude to their staff who in spite of the covid pandemic fears have given their best to keep the school going and brought them to this goal in life.
You could sense a deep sense of solidarity and brotherhood, something more than mere happiness that comes from celebrated with sol brew or home brew.

The student representatives spoke of their commitment in response to this sense of gratitude, and are challenged to find a teaching position in an RTC for the year 2021.
When young people are motivated by real values that fulfill their life, they look serene, grateful and committed to be good Christians and Honest citizens.
The Gizo Diocese assures the RTC communities that the motivating force behind these 11 graduates is the Passion for service in God’s Kingdom committed to truth, justice and peace for development.

Their technology of teaching is adequate enough and will grow slowly through the years of experience but is their youthful enthusiasm and motivation which will contribute to nation building much more than their technology.
Attached are some pictures from the graduation ceremony of Nov 6, 2020.


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