The General Assembly, PNG and SI



This Assembly was held at Mandang, in PNG from the 5th – 11th, November 2013. The entire Catholic Church representatives from each diocese of PNG/SI were represented in the assembly. It is the gathering of the people of God to receive the water from the well of life, Jesus Christ himself.




The main aim of this Assembly was to look at the 2004 National plan which was evaluated and collated earlier this year, and to agree on some indication which will lead to the National Plan for the next 5years on the issues that challenge the church of PNG/SI.

The Key Reflection question for the assembly is; What is God asking of us now as church of PNG/SI?
The key note address that was given by the different speakers on various areas is trying to point out the challenge that affects our catholic church of PNG and SI today, and the ways and tools to use to take on board, to become the church of communion alive in Christ.

The Speakers also pointed out that how the church of Papua New Guinea & SI responds to the signs of the time. Society no longer had broadened acceptance of Christian faith which affects the world societies, communities and families. Secularism had begun to take root in our society in which God is no longer important in our society.

Speakers had pointed out that it is vital that the church has to look at how it has been evangelized.

The feed backs from the discussion groups, I believed will inspire the 5 – year National plan of the catholic church in PNG, and Solomon Islands.

The gathering was trying to discern the will of Christ for the church of Papua New Guinea/SI. The bishops, Priests, Religious and laity through discussion and sharing had truly experienced the living water which quenches their hunger for the will of God and recommit themselves to be true instruments of his will and plan for the church of PNG & SI.