St. Don Bosco Taro Youth Needs Adequate Setup.

Taro Island
Don Bosco youths from Taro parish need a firm establishing body. An interview carried out by a media staff from the diocese of Gizo during the 2021 YE (Youth Encounter) seminar, observed that more of the youths are from villages far from where the parish station was located, Taro their urban center.

They said that they have youth leaders active in preparations on certain areas in their youth programs, but were fail to set up the annual plans that can motivate them for a longer period.  They added that attending mass is another issue; due to the insufficient availability of transport, they were not able to attend the daily mass.

However, some of them believed that involving church leaders like priests, catechists and parents could be helpful for guidance and counsel with the help of secondary dropouts who are been supportive. They said that these are students who need special training on leadership.

Currently, due to coronavirus, we heard no information from youths this year. They were only informed on the covid-19 community outbreak, and the lockdown in the provincial capital Taro, said M. Gibbs.

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