Workers to Complete the St. John School



Workers on to work Some of the workers prepare for work


14 builders are here to complete the St. John Secondary School at Nila Catholic Mission. The head builder, Mr. Willy Wania said, “They are here by the request of Rev, Bishop Luciano Capelli sdb to help out finishing the St. John Secondary School”. He said, most of the boys were graduated student from Don Bosco technical school. With them also 6 Vanga Rural Training Center graduated students.

St. John School Building. (picture 2009)

A View- School Building with 2 Staff House.

(Picture 2009)

At the school they will form co-groups so that they can work cooperatively and manage the construction.

The construction of the St. John Secondary School began November last year. The school will have form 4, 5 and to 6.

Mr. Willy said, to finish this school, they depend mush to the helps of the communities at Nila parish.

At the moment they did small constrictive works for the diocese here in Gizo.

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