21 Graduates from Vanga Training Center.

Twenty-one year-2 students graduated with RTC Certificates at Vanga Training Center on the 13th of October 2023.  

The occasion was made colorful by a small community at Vanga school center as everyone prepared for the Thanksgiving Mass.

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The bishop, Bishop Peter Houhou gave them an encouraging message during his homily and again when presenting their certificates. He cited Rueben Scarf's inspirational saying, "There are goals in goals," and he urged them to grow and develop into someone for the future.


He exhorted them to work toward their goal and their aiming point. He claimed that although this was their culmination of what they had accomplished two years’ prior, their journey remains open and everyone should continue to work toward making wise decisions and choices.

To conclude the occasion was the cutting of the graduation Cake and the closing Prayer from Fr. Thomas Pata.

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