Moli St. Joseph Parish Celebrate Easter Peacefully

St. Joseph parish Moli Choiseul celebrated their Easter as one of the most peaceful one this year. The peace event has gathered parishioners from five big villages and many small locations together for the Holy week.

On   the   Easter   Vigil,   celebration was supposed   to be on 8 pm but began on 5 pm.   Because   of   the population of about 2000 and the mission, station is an island, which is in the center of those villages, other villages have to travel more than an hour and parishioners have to cross by boat to the church.

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 Custom feasting is a practise still adopted today                                       During Thanksgiving Celebration

(Moli is one of the fast growing communities around Choiseul province; showing the number of the childs enrollment of form 1 this year is about 50 and those of the early childhood is likely to be double up).

This is one of the facts that gathering for our Spiritual events is affecting our normal hours for Worship, preparations and the distances are contributing to that fact, said one of a concern mother.

Church elders also said that other parishioners living far have to gather early in the mission to access church activities, preparations and then getting home earlier.

Highlight during the event 28 babies received their Sacrament of Baptism during the Easter Vigil. In addition, at the Resurrection day the Moli Youth Sport Association (MYSA) has been granted $20,000 from the provincial government Choiseul as their winning recipient for.

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 Provincial Government handover a cash of $20,000                                  28 babies were baptise by Fr. Jacob Qetobachu

And during speeches elders gave their gratitude to the parishioners, especially the youths, their behavior towards the celebrations.

The event closed on the resurrection day that is on Sunday 4th of April after the feast.

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